Will the tuition fees change for British students after Brexit?

Not in the immediate future. The exit negotiations are expected to take 2 years, maybe even longer. During this period British students will still be EU students, you will therefore still pay the lower statutory tuition fee.

Whether tuition fees will change after Britain’s exit from the EU depends on the outcome of the negotiations. One of the criteria you need to meet to be eligible for the statutory tuition fee is a nationality of a EU or EEA country. There are calls for the United Kingdom, even from the leave campaign, to join the European Economic Area. If Britain joins the EEA, you will still be eligible for the lower statutory fee, just like Swiss and Norwegian students.

If the UK does not join the European Economic Area, you will be required to pay the higher institutional tuition fee once Britain has legally left the EU. At present, this fee varies per course and per year.  


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